Everyone loves a caricature. it's the perfect take-away to commemorate your event.

Hire me to bring smiles.

I focus on your guests as I quickly produce humorous and flattering caricatures they will love.  

  • They'll show it around to other guests
  • People love to watch over my shoulder as I sketch
  • They'll take it home and display it prominently for years to come, remembering your event each time they do

Each sketch at a LIVE event takes me approximately 10 minutes, multiple people on same sketch slightly longer - usually around 15 minutes.

Custom-to-order caricatures, drawn from photos and a brief interview, usually take 45 - 60 minutes, depending on the amount of detail desired.

Caricatures of families, groups or teams usually take me 1-3 hours, depending on details (scenery, costumes, etc.)